PointFire Apps Privacy Policy


Policy Statement

This statement sets forth the Privacy Policies of SharePoint Apps developed by IceFire Studios Corp called “PointFire Translator”.

We may update our privacy statement from time to time, and will post the revised privacy statement on this page.

PointFire Translator and PointFire 365 are SharePoint hosted apps that reside within your Office 365 tenant. Because of this, none of your documents or content is sent to our server or a server under our control.

Specific Policies

Here are specific privacy policies that apply when you purchase an app from the Microsoft Office store:

·         IceFire does not collect any personal information, or anything related to your device when you use any of our apps.

·         We do not collect any statistics, trends, neither do we track user movements.

·         Further, we don't receive any company or contact information about your purchase or demo download of The PointFire Translator add-in in the Office Store.

·         We do not connect to any non-Microsoft third parties or web services and we do not and will not share any information about you or your use of the app without your written consent.  However the add-in connects to a SharePoint web service that transmits documents and other data to a Microsoft translation server for translation.

·         We will never sell or share information when you purchase or demo any of our apps to third parties without your written consent.

·         We do not include any links to other sites.

·         We do not collect or have access to any information that can identity you when you download a trial.

·         We do not collect or have access to any information that can identity you when you purchase an App.

By using our SharePoint apps, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the application please contact us via email.

* For SharePoint Online O365 Cloud Installations

* For SharePoint Online Simple Translation

* For SharePoint 2019 On Premise Installations

* For SharePoint 2016 On Premise Installations

* For SharePoint SE On Premise Installations

* For SharePoint Online pages, documents and items

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