PointFire 365
for SharePoint Online

PointFire 365 fully integrates with SharePoint Online to add all the features you’d wish you had and even the ones you didn’t know you really want. Think instant language toggle on every page!

PointFire 365 allows you to fully localize all of your SharePoint sites’ user interface and works with Classic, Modern and Team pages to translate each and every element you can think of.

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Localized UI Customization

Tailor your user interface in each language to use consistent terms that your users recognize.

Fast language toggle

Streamline the communication process and easily translate messages and documents across different languages.

Same Page, User’s Language

Access the same page and see the content and all parts of the UI, displayed in your preferred language.

Unlock all the features of PointFire 365 and see how it can revolutionize your multilingual content management!

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