PointFire On-Premise

Compatible with all versions of SharePoint On-Premise

Whatever SharePoint version you are using, PointFire has a product for you and we continue to offer support to versions all the way back to 2013.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our products:

  • PointFire SE for SharePoint Subscription Edition

  • PointFire 2019 for SharePoint 2019

  • PointFire 2016 for SharePoint 2016

  • PointFire 2013 for SharePoint 2013

Supports all SharePoint Versions

PointFire is compatible with all versions of SharePoint, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing SharePoint environment.

Built-in Translations

You don’t need to provide translations for routine text.

Switch Language Anytime

Switch your language instantly, see what your users see, UI and content.

Discover how the PointFire on Premise products complete Microsoft’s existing functionality to deliver truly multilingual sites.

Go further and automatically
translate all of the content.

Localizing your SharePoint sites’ user interface is great, but what if you could do even more and automate the translation of all of your text, list items, and even documents - pdf, excel, word, and more?

Discover what PointFire Translator can do for you.

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