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PointFire's innovative solution simplifies multilingual management with a comprehensive platform that meets all your SharePoint needs.

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Imagine having the ability to
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That’s exactly what we offer: the most comprehensive
multilingual SharePoint solution on the market.

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Localize entire sites in up to 50 languages
By clicking a few buttons

Don't Take Our Word For It

Multilingual SharePoint?
we do it all.

PointFire complements, enhances, and extends the functionalities of Microsoft’s SharePoint to offer you truly multilingual sites.

Translate all types of pages and documents, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs.

Plus, we can even machine translate documents and entire pages, making your job easier with just a few clicks!

PointFire’s complete multilingual capabilities let you say what you mean and get your message across, no matter the language.

Fast Language toggle on every page

Give your users the convenience of instantly shifting between languages with our language toggle feature.

UI and content always in
the same language

Take the guess work out of translated pages. You will always see what users see in their language of choice.

Translate everything on all
page types

PointFire supports classic, modern, team pages and more on SharePoint Online and on-Premise.

Localize the entire interface
at once

Don't hunt down UI elements one by one, see all proposed translations and apply them all in one click.

You control
the vocabulary

Review, edit and approve all translations before they are published. Our machine translation software uses AI to  learn and adopt your specific organization terms.

One single URL for
all translations

Two different users going to the same URL will see it each in their own language, UI, and content.

So go ahead, write it in any language, and let us take care of the rest.

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Isn’t SharePoint already multilingual? Why do I need PointFire?

While SharePoint offers some multilingual capabilities, with PointFire, you can easily translate your SharePoint Online interface, empowering global teams to collaborate efficiently and effectively. Our tool is compatible with all site types, translating modern web parts and native SharePoint multilingual pages.

By utilizing PointFire, you can provide a seamless multilingual experience for your users, improving communication, engagement, and productivity across different languages. Our product is designed to facilitate effective collaborations and make it easy for global teams to work together towards a common goal, regardless of language barriers. Localize everything and see what your users see, no guessing.

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Machine translations
you can count on

With our software’s neural human-parity quality,  you can count on the highest level of quality and accurate translations for your SharePoint sites. Edit any of the UI localization, page or document translations before anyone else sees them. You can even add a list of trademarks to not translate, or  train a translation engine to adopt your vocabulary and style.

Gone are the days of spending countless resources on manual translation. PointFire Translator  translates documents and pages for a fraction of the cost and time of manual translation.  For what a professional translator would charge to translate 200 words, PointFire Translator can translate 100,000 words, the length of a novel.  Even better, the translation is ready in seconds, not days or weeks, so it doesn't cause scheduling problems for you.


From SharePoint Online to On-Premise,
PointFire supports them all

From modern to classic SharePoint edition and everything in between, we got you covered.Our solutions work in bundles or individually.

PointFire translator

Translate content, including modern or classic pages, list items, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations

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PointFire 365

Localize the interface and ensure that every user sees all screens in their language.

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PointFire on-Premise

Localize the interface and translate the content for every version of SharePoint on premise

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