Save tons of time and resources with high-quality Machine Translation

Easily translate your SharePoint content with our PointFire Translator

Works with OneDrive

Translate the files in OneDrive to any language using PointFire Translator, like you can do with files in SharePoint libraries.

Translate Entire Libraries

Easily translate entire libraries within SharePoint without the need to translate individual documents or pages one by one.


Customize PointFire's functionality and automate processes using scripting languages.

Unlock all the features of PointFire Translator and see how it can revolutionize your multilingual content management!

  • Translate any page in Works with Classic or Modern sites, including Communication and Team sites, translates classic or modern pages, classic or modern web parts

  • Works with OneDrive

  • Translates native SharePoint Multilingual Page Publishing

  • Install on your workstation or intranet server or virtual server

  • Scriptable using PowerShell and Power Automate

  • Top quality neural machine translations in 50 SharePoint languages, 70 others

  • Can re-train on your documents to adopt your vocabulary and style

  • None of your data goes to our servers

  • Translate classic and modern pages into all your languages

  • Translate most documents, including Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF into all your languages

  • Translate any list item

  • Translate entire libraries and lists at once

  • Compatible with PointFire 365 - UI & content translated, automatically visible to users in their language.

Go beyond content, localize the entire user interface

Navigating through a site with ease and minimal friction is key to any user’s experience. PointFire 365 lets you localize your entire SharePoint site’s user interface in your user’s desired language.

Discover what PointFire 365 can do for you.

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