Translate what SharePoint won’t

Whether you want to localize your SharePoint site’s user interface or automatically translate large content, PointFire has you covered. PointFire seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's built-in solution, to give you fully and truly multilingual sites.

Translate your SharePoint, User interface, menu items, site content, documents

Whatever part of SharePoint you are looking to translate, PointFire has a solution for you. You can use the product that suits you or bundle two together.

PointFire 365: For SharePoint Online

PointFire 365 seamlessly complements SharePoint’s current multilingual features to spare you custom development efforts.

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PointFire On Prem: For SharePoint On-Premise

Fully integrates with SharePoint On-Premise, and works with modern and classic pages. Using SharePoint SE? Talk to our experts to see how we can support you.

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PointFire Translator: Machine Translate The Entire Site’s Content

With support for over 50 SharePoint languages + 70 other languages, you're guaranteed to achieve high-quality translation for your content, including classic and modern pages, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

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